FlashForge Adventurer 4

Artikelnummer: PT1000801
€ 943,80

Adventurer 4 is a new 3D printer created by Flashforge. It is a 3D printer with more applications and a better experience. New design components and the latest technical specifications, making more efficient use of 3D printing, while empowering design innovation and integrating it into public life. The new 3D printer has real leveling-free design of platform and larger printing size, combining new slicer which could easily monitor and manage multiple 3D printer. To integrate interest, daily life and working efficiency with intelligent printing experience for family consumers, educators and office users. Start a fantastic 3D printing journey!


    • efficient and powerful 3D printer
    • very simple and safe to use
    • faster and larger 3D printer : 220 x 200 x 250mm
    • has a wide range of materials: PLA/ABS/PC/PETG/PLA-CF/PETG-CF
    • HD Built-in camera monitoring (Adventurer 4 only)
    • remove nozzle just in one clip less than 5 seconds, easy to change 0.3mm or 0.6mm nozzle.
    • remote printing control by Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
    • new FlashPrint support multi-device on-line control, managing printers in high efficiency.
    • remote-control function handle exceptions while printing.
    • energy-saving mode: only 1KWH power consumption when standby overnight.
    • very easy to remove the model from the platform because of flexible build plate
    • leveling free Platform

    Technical specifications

    • Model: Adventurer 4
    • Printing Technology: FFF
    • Print Resolution: 0.1 mm
    • Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.4 mm
    • Printer Size: 500*470*540mm
    • Build Volume: 220*200*250mm
    • Print Speed: 10-150 mm/s
    • Number of Extruders: 1
    • Diameter of Extruder: 0.4mm (optional 0.3 and 0.6mm)
    • Max Set Temp. of Extruder: 265°C/240°C
    • Max Set Temp. of Platform: 110°C
    • Support Filament: PLA/ABS/PC/PETG/PLA-CF/PETG-CF
    • Touch Screen: 4.3’’ touch screen
    • Power: 320W
    • Slicing Software: FlashPrint
    • Print Method: USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet FlashCloud/PolarCloud
    • Input File: 3mf/stl/obj/fpp/bmp/png/jpg/ jpeg files
    • Output File: gx/g files
    • Camera: 1
    • Working Environment: 15-30°C

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