FlashForge Adventurer 3 Pro

Artikelnummer: PT1000802
€ 526,35

Adventurer 3 Pro is a more advanced version of Adventurer 3. The difference is higher print temperature and that the pro model comes with a glass plate. A glass plate provides better adhesion due to. that it is guaranteed plan.

Heats up to 200 degrees in 60 seconds and has a maximum print temperature of 265 degrees. Replace the entire nozzle in a few seconds thanks to the new design of the printhead, which also has a built-in heating cartridge and thermistor. The nozzle is surrounded by a plastic shell to protect your hands and can be replaced faster than any other printer. Adventurer 3 Pro supports PLA / ABS / PC / PETG / PLA-CF / PETG-CF and also third party filaments on rolls up to 0.5kg.

Glass building board
Smooth and flat surface, remove models easily, which saves time and energy!

Full color touch screen
Integrated menu frees you from endless scrolling with a giant steering wheel. Everything becomes accessible and clear under your fingers.

3D printing from the cloud
3D Cloud, is an integrated platform for 3D printing. It offers free storage (register online) and here you can share / download files, interact with each other, automatic slicing and available model database; also available for online management - transfer, monitor and control multiple printers simultaneously. Built-in 2 million pixel WiFi HD camera for remote monitoring.

The internal filament holder supports rolls up to 0.5 kg. If you want to use larger rolls, there are external filament holders. These can be found online and also printed in the Adventurer 3 Pro.


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