Creality HP PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Artikelnummer: PT1001949
€ 21,95

Creality HP PLA is een hoogwaardig premium PLA welke in samenwerking met BASF is ontwikkeld. Het is een uitstekende prijs-kwaliteit product verhouding en geeft een hoge printkwaliteit. 

HP PLA biedt uitstekende printprestaties. 


No warping

Toughness enhancement

High precision

Small tolerance

No bubble 

Green and non-toxicity

Good fluidity

Wide compatibility


Upgrade the Raw Material and Enhance the Filament Toughness: Based original formula, the raw material upgrades with stronger toughness. It is not easy to break. The elongation at break is increased by 10%, Imported raw materials. 

High Purity Raw Material with Green and Degradable: Extracted from corn grains, raw materials are friendly and healthy. The filament has no irritating smell and can be naturally degraded.

Easy to Remove the Support of the Printed Model: The upgrade raw material makes the model support easier to add and remove without warping.

New Formula and Better Printing Effect: It adopts new customized raw material formula with uniform color and matte sanding effect, which realizes the fine model.

Smooth Feeding and No Plug: The customized proportioning scheme, HP PLA filament has better tensile strength and ductility. Smoother fluidity makes the printing easier without plugging, which realizes the exquisite results.

Consistent Filament Diameter with Small Tolerance: The diameter tolerance of the filament is an important index. The tolerance of HP PLA filament is controlled within ±0.05mm, which makes the feeding more smooth and ensures continuous printing.

Product Parameters

  • Product Name: HP PLA 3D Printer Filament
  • Gewicht: 1KG
  • Printing temperature: 190-220
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Tensile strength: 60MPa
  • Package Weight: 1.15kg
  • Bubble: No
  • Package Size: 210*210*75
  • Color: Black, White, Gray, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, OrangeSize of filament wheel: Diameter 200mm, height 70mm, hole diameter 56mm